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Any dealers here that have news of when the Arcam P49 (3 channel) Power Amplifiers are on sale in the UK? And does anyone have details of their dimensions too?


Has anyone bought and are currently using this particular HDMI cable and if so is it any good?


Hi All Just wondering if anyone has heard either of the MX Or QuteHD Dacs in operation. Are there any sound/sonic differences between them?

Hello - I have a problem with my Arcam iRDock and 3rd Gen ipod Touch in the sense that I cannot seem to get it to work via my Arcam AVP9 Processor system/Home cinema set-up and yet it will work via

Hello everyone! First posting here, Ive just gone ahead and purchased the sony BDP-S760 Blue Ray Player to go with my existing Home cinema setup (Arcam FMJ AV9 Processor and 3 FMJ P35 Amplifiers).