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hi guys, 

thanks for those of you who contributed towards my survey as part of my research for this,

some were interested in seeing once finished. 

hi guys,

I am upgrading my cartdige and whilst removing the old cartidge two of the cartidge clips came off the wires. 


Hi guys, 

Had a bit of an experiment re: hi fi position, speaker positioning, and funnily enough the unit which before now, was upright! 

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Hi guys, so here is some different angle shots of my living room. At the moment it's just not ideal where my hi fi is set up, and where the speakers are....


Hi guys,

Was just after some advice/shortlist.

Lately i've been playing Mobys album 'Play' ALOT.

One song on the album, 'Run on'

Those who have Spotify - or own the album - listen now! 

Twice this weekend whilst watching sport, first the rugby showing the Ireland team arriving in Paris, and one by one each of them getting off their coach sporting beats audio headphones...