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Thanks Fubar. Indeed the rug calms it a little, but they'll be in a nice carpeted room at some point next year, but absolutely love it all at the moment, definitely been worth the wait for the b...

. More info in my post in 'Your System' including photos.  i know people don't bother looking in that section because people struggle uploading photos but there's a link in there. Cheers!

This is stunning! Great work

I've read the posts and whilst I sympathise with small business I think you don't want to scare customers off. I appreciate shops do come across time wasters, but you have to ask why they've come...

Thanks Ben, I'm going to have to pick up some cheap speakers whilst saving for the speakers I'm after though.  still... so happy with the price ! One thing at a time though it's going to have to be

So richer sounds currently have some in their clearance, went to store today after reserving - picked up ex service good as new roksan kandy k2 amplifier with further 20% voucher which surprisingly...


Haven't considered them they been discontinued now haven't they?

Thanks Dave I won't pretend to understand all of the above but some makes sense Will let you know how I get on, regard costing I'm paying just £350 for the roksan amp which I think is a great deal

Thanks for the comments guys, good help for my ongoing search....