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Ive decided to buy a CD player for the time being until I invest in a dac and have everything on a PC.

I have just bought a Cyrus 3 amp and now need some speakers.

I have just bought a Cyrus 3 and would like some advice. Its a 4m x 6m room and im currently streaming apple lossles files from a PC straight into the amp (bad I know) 

I already have the Nad 302 Powering a pair of B&W DM110 but I have the chance to pick up a Cyrus 2 for a small sum of money, I have always loved the Cyrus sound ever since hearing a Cyrus 3 wit

I have recently bought a NAD 302 amp and NAD CD player but now Im looking for some suitable speakers (Not Floor standers). I have a medium size room and looking to spend £150 to £200.