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Hi Guys,


I just got a cheap phono pre amp from Maplin which I m not happy with and I'd like to invest in a slightly better one but cannot exceed a budget of 100€.

Hi Guys,


I just plugged back to my amplifier my old DUAL CS 455-1 and was wondering how to improve the sound of it.


I already modofied it slightly:

Hi Guys,


I'm hesitating between two models of jumper cables for my speakers (B&W 683):


- Chord Signature jumpers



Has anybody ever tried any Transparent Speaker Cables and if so, what's your opinion?


I am planning to get new speakers for my Hi-Fi installation and after weeks of reading reviews and comments, two models remains in the competition:




Following my previous post opened recently (Q900 vs CM8), I have unfortunately to lower my budget and was wondering if anybody ever compared the KEF Q700 vs Monitor Audio RX6?