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Took advantage of the 1 month free trial for Sky Movies Pass which was due to end tomorrow at which point I would have been charged the standard £8.99 so decided to cancel.

Buy direct from WD, turns your smart TV into a PVR



Posting in this section but don't know if it's player or TV (Sony KDL-40EX603) Both are running latest software versions

So if you haven't already got a Sky subscription and want to subscribe including F1 channel it will now cost you an extra £5 for first 6 months. £10.25 extra a month after that


She apparently owes HMRC £149,000 and Lloyds bank £30,000


Should she have entered into an IVA and tried to pay off her debts or did she take the easy option.


I would like to say I've watched the first episode of the new season but it still seems no UK network is interested in picking it up.

Does anyone know the make/model of the speakers which are seen in the house of the characters played by Tim McInnerney and Gina McKee? Unusal looking desgin.

I've read on other forums that the general consensus is that changing the power supply on the Touch makes little if any difference but with the Russ Andrews 60 day home trial I thought it was worth