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Currently I'm using a Yamaha rxv667 for my main home cinema system. I don't think it's really up to it and I'm wondering whether I should trade up.

Is it a really slow week in the Hi Fi and AV world? Or is there a problem with updates?

So I've just replaced one of the disks in my NAS - as it was failing to pass a SMART test.

So Blake's Seven is coming to the Xbox Live service according to the FT - as reported here on the beeb

Got back from a week's holiday on Sunday night and straight to doctor's first thing Monday as my hands had literally swollen up like two balloons (I kid you not.


Well according to a poll on the BBC, that's the most misheard lyric in songs.

Hi, I'm getting an "Access denied" error trying to access the Klipsch 7i tech specs here

Well that's where this sheep is! Three days of rock in Great Yarmouth. Day three and I'm nursing a double espresso and feeling a little tired. 14 hours of rock and beer is taking its toll.

OK, so I've got my shiny new Nexus 4 and I've got (most of) my CDs ripped in Apple Lossless format on my NAS (under iTunes).

Now my Nexus 4 has turned up unexpectedly early, I suddenly need to sort out headphones for it...

Anyone got any recommendations for a sub £50 headphones + mic? (Do Nexus 4 use inline?)