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I can't seem to connect phone to Samsung Kies with my SG3.

Cyrus Stream x2 - Which is set up with no on/off  loop as connected by phono leads with the rest of the Cyrus system: Dac Xp+, CD, Mono Amps, Pwr-X .

Will attaching a PSX-R benefit the perfromance of the Cyrus CDXT SE+(2) ? Will it make a noticable difference/improvent to the sound and music from the CD played ?

Hi,  finally on the last stage of setting up my Cyrus system after going way over my original budget on used/ex-demo Cyrus products, speakers, and rack!...I am now left with one last part before I

After finally building my 6 unit Cyrus system, I though it would be easy to find a Stand/Rack that would bring out the system in the room - esp as it cost me a lot!.

After going over my original budget by picking up ex-demo/used Cyrus products (I finally went for Cyrus as it personally satisfied my ears for electronic music)..I am now looking for pair of good s

What is the difference between the Cyrus CDXT SE2 (as on Cyrus webpage) and the CDXT SE2+ ?

Am a bit confused with Cyrus set-up as I'm sort if interested in an ex-demo  sale for Cyrus system that inc CDXT SE2 (RRP £1500 sale for £1000) plus Intergrated Amp: 8XP d

Am close to purchasing Cyrus CD set-up. Looking for the best possible combination for around 3k that will give the best possible sound...