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 i am thinking on buying eb1s and wonder what clearance eb1s need from the wall i will only be able to get about 17cm, I have the quad 11L 15cm from wall with no bass problems room is small 

i have roksan k2 amp with the quad 11L speaker and was wondering if the eb1 speakers  would be a decent improvement over my quad 11L.

i am thinking of upgraded my quads 11L for the roksan kandy k2 speakers.

i have notice my roksan k2 amp sometime stays warm in standby and most time cold has other people had this issue and is it normal? its  happens less now but  still sometime happens

i have notice my dac magic sounds  better with the old psu i was wondering if any one else has notice the same thing or my psu could be faulty

When i first had this set up there was enough bass with no need to use the tone control

now there a loss of bass, if i turn the bass up full then it sound ok.