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Copied from my Amazon Review.


I was really suprised at the selection it was impressive to see some more rareer models and also a huge selection.


I'm going to jump into some impressions


I wasn't going to post this yet due to a recent Mad dog review coming up but sod it, one more wouldn't hurt! lol


Here's my take on the hard hitting German beast Wink


Been making some review videos on youtube so thought i'd post some written ones on here for you.

I was just sitting down looking at the craftsmanship and I noticed that on one side my hinged line up perfectly but on the other side it doesn't :o

I own the D600 and I'm thinking or either getting the D7100 and using my D600 as my travel phone and 7100 as my main home phone or buying the V Moda M100 again(I owned them a while back but forgot