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Right, literally nothing to do with Hi Fi. Sorry.


Just wondering really. Say you has £1500 to spend on speakers, amp and source. How would you divide it?

I'd have said £700 on speakers, £500 on amp and £300 on source.


I can't help feeling there seems to be an awful lot of 5 star reviews recently.

After recently recalling some ridiculous things that have been said to me by certain salesman.

I notice in the awards section the V4s seem to have won best floorstander at a certain price range, I forget which. I had originally had my eye on some BX5s, though this has made me think.

Hey, I'm looking for some over ear headphones for use both in the home and at college. I listen to pretty much everything except R&B.

Right, I'm currently running a marantz PM6003 with some Kef IQ5ses . .