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Is it a risk? I would like to buy a Wadia for my Rega DAC, but I´m affraid of lens faults and so on. What you think, there is spare parts in the market?

So, I recently bought the February What Hi Fi and there was a review about the DacMagic Plus. Only 4 stars, and say that is a bit bright and lacks dynamics.

So what says What Hi Fi  about the DacMagic plus?Is it a whorthwhile upgrade from the original DacMagic? Has Cambridge suceeded in improving the sound of the original DacMagic?


I have a DacMagic and so far is OK...but I need more! :rockout:

I´m thinking buying the Rega DAC...Is it an upgrade or a sideway step?

My dealer has an Audioquest Coral for sale. I know this cable was descontinued in 2003/4 I think. But my question is if old cables can still match the actuals?I mean, in perfomance!

How would you describe the Cambridge sound? Dynamic,precise...?Or not?

Is the Rega a step up ? Or should I buy the least expensive DacMagic?Which is the best VFM?