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CnoEvil wrote: They have though (not that you can trust Hifi mags) :shifty: : Thank you for these review

CnoEvil wrote: ...

Anyone who heard both may help?It is the Equator MK II and the MK III, not the Superior

CnoEvil wrote: Can you borrow one from a dealer and try it?.......What will it cost you to change? No, I can´t. I have to buy it and sell the mine

Well, I don´t know what happened to my post. Anyway, the question is I have the Atlas IC Equator MKII. Should I buy the new MKIII with the new plugs, or is it a side move?Better the Hyper?

stevebrock wrote: Have you considered a Rega Apollo R as a transport?  It really takes the DAC to another level!   I guess you have a Rega Dac/ Apollo R. Have you tryed another transports?

I sent them an e mail :wave:  

Is it a risk? I would like to buy a Wadia for my Rega DAC, but I´m affraid of lens faults and so on. What you think, there is spare parts in the market?