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Trying to decide which amp to go with. I have Energy C-5 floorstanding speakers and using a Marantz CD 5003 cd player. Don't think too many people are familiar with Anthem.

I need help on wether to upgrade to a better cd player or stick with the one I have which is a Marantz CD 5003.

I need help upgrading my system. I have a Rega P3-24 turntable...Marantz CD 5003 cd player...Energy C-5 floorstanding speakers and a Marantz 1060B integrated amp.

I think the MSRP is $895 on this amp......

I need a little help...I'm looking to refurbish my current Marantz 1060B integrated amplifier but I'm also looking to get another vintage Marantz integrated amplifier or receiver.

I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade from my Marantz cd 5003 cd player to the Rega Apollo player or stick with the Marantz.