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I have had to do a fresh installation of iTunes on my Win 7 pc and all me music is installed on my NAS. How do i go about getting iTunes to create a new library.

I disconnected my Sky+ HD box at the weekend and when i reconnected it I was unable to change channels on 3 other TVs that were utilising the RF2 output via an amplifier.

Hi Guys, 

Suddenly yesterday I was no longer able to change Sky chanels in different rooms with the use of the magic eye. 

Guys, can someone please clarify what the position is with this box. 

Sky has the option to copy a recorded programme onto a DVD recorder.

I hope this is in the right section?

Hi Guys, 


I was watching Dragon's Den via iPlayer on my TV via my PS3 and noticed that the picture quality wasn't as good as when I watched it on my PC. 

Hi Guys,

Have Sonos owners ecountered the problem whereby some or most of the artwork for the albums do not show.

I am looking to extend my wireless range with my old homehub 2.0. Connected at present is the homehub 3.0 as the primary router. 

I have just received an update from Sky confirming that the new F1 channel would be available free to Sky HD and Sky Sports 1 & 2 customers..............not bad hugh?!