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got quite a few covers from older records( philips/DG esp) where the glue at the top/bottom seal has dried out and the cover now needs  repair. Whats the best /easyist glue to use?

Am considering the purchase of the D7. Its quite a leap financially and I am wondering what amp would make the best partnership ( budget up to 2K)

I was wondering -if there was a fire( God forbid) which armful of records would I grab to save - and- how would I find them amoung the 500 or so on my shelves?

I have a few classical records from the eighties that were digitally recorded and some  sound quite good,  certainly better in fact than the equivalent CD.

Still wondering where to go for  an amp to partner my Spendor A6s. Currently using a Plinius 8200.

Nice smooth sound but sometimes uninvolving.

Ive been reading great things about the Luxman 505u(SS) integrated and was wondering if it would make a good match with my spendor A6.

When comparing equipment/systems, or making small adjustments, I often need to  repay the same track within a few minutes. Easy enough to do with a CD but what about vinyl?

Many years ago when I first started buying records I was persuaded to put sellotape( sticky transparent  tape) over the open edges of the album covers to protect them against wear. A bad idea.

I tried this before but  I'll try again. Can anyone recommend( preferably based on experience) a valve amp that drives the spendor A 6 well ?

I've been thinking of making some home -brew record cleaner.Most of the online recipes use 20-25 % ( or more) isopropanol.But some think this is not good for modern vinyl because it leaches out  pl