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Wht has happened to him? Is he no longer with What Hi-Fi?

Just got this e-mail from Audiovisual Online:

Yamaha RXV-567 £224.99 with voucher code YHM01

Yamaha RXV-1067 £499.99 with voucher code YHM02

Who were the three participants?

Were they forum contributors? If they were, why were their forum names not provided?

It would be nice to put a face to a forum name, that's all.

Hello all,

I thought this would never happen to me but it did today nevertheless, courtesy of a pesky lil runt that had to poke the tweeter in my centre speaker.

This is the second occassion I have come across this when posting:


I recently purchased this as an upgrade to my TX-SR606. It truly is a superb amp - very dynamic and refined.


Has anyone got one of these? Seems to be a much cheaper option than what BigBoss has. £28.00 each with free postage.

An Audiolab 8000S Integrated Amplifier & Audiolab 8000CDE CD Player (Silver - Brand new)

£599.99 (with Free 24 Hour Delivery) - AV Bristol

Gentlemen & Ladies,

I need some advice to ensure that my sub is set to it's optimum potential.

It's a 300watt ELS sub and really packs a punch.

Both appears to have done well on the reviews.