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On long car journeys I keep the kids quiet with movies on an iPad 2 and Nexus 7 (2012). Movies are our DVDs ripped with Handbrake.


I have a feeling my Yamaha AV amp is on its last legs. I use the front L&T pre outs into my hi fi amp to power the front speakers.


I currently have one 2TB disk in my Synologoly Diskstation. I'm now thinking about adding a second drive as a RAID set up.

Anyone successfully running Plex Media Server on a Synology Diskstation?



If I get the £10 Sky Now TV box, can I just use it to add the free catch up services (iPlayer etc) without paying any subscription to Sky?



Can anyone help? The battery on my Samsung Galaxy S2 is draining rapidly. When I go to settings / battery it shows an entry 'Media' with anything from 40 - 60% battery usage.

I'll admit that, even as a Mac user, I've pretty much sold my soul to Google. But I do like supporting underdogs and I've had Spotify Unlimited account for quite  a while now.

I won't flatter myself to think I'm the first to break the news about Floyd on Spotify, but Wish You Were Here by far the most listened to track?

As hi fi nerds we all like to hear other people's systems. Being a solid Naim fan I've heard other systems that are better than mine, but I've not particularly lusted after them.


Until recently I've only had one item (optical) using my rDac, now I've added a second (coaxial).