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Hi evertone i need help i am undecided about what to do about an a/v system, i have a seperate hifi system for music , and want to run a seperate a/v system alongside , probally a budget system, an

Hi everyone i am looking for an a v amp that will give good stereo sound as well as good surround sound, i have my speakers which is a monitor audio bx 5 5.1 setup and a sony 790 bd player

Hi all, i was asking if someone could explain in plane english what airport express is and does , i use my hifi which is  a marantz pearl lite ,cd6004, monitor audio bx 5 ,all good quality

Hi everyone , could you recommend some speakers to go with a marantz pearl lite amp and marantz cd6004, my room is 16x12

hi, im thinking of changing my amp, which is a rotel ra04, im keeping my monitor audio bx5s and cam audio cd 650, and denon fm tuner, i also use an ipod connected with phono leads, i listen to rock

hi everyone, i have been having some trouble with the sound quality when i use my ipod through my hifi, and old posts state that i seem to be ripping my cds on the wrong settings, so is apple lossl

hi everyone i am thinking  of upgrading my amp and speakers, currently using rotel ra04 and b/w 601 with denon tuner and c/audio 650 cd player, all decent leads and interconnects ,listen to rock an

hi everyone are the new pannys as good as the reviews say and are they getting closer to the picture quality of the kuros, i am thinking of changing my 46 g15 panny for the new 46 gt30, but are the

Smile Hi everyone ,    i was in currys today and they are selling the lg 47 lw650t a led

Hi every one , i have a rotel ra 04 stereo amp, bw 601 speakers and a cambridge audio 650 cd player and denon 260 fm tuner, im happy with this set up but am thinking of upgrading speakers to bw 685