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Just got in a second hand ud7006 .I have done all available updates and still there is no netflix icon in the menu.All i can see is youtube only.

As per title .I am getting a little be annoyed that latest magazine has been already in shops since last week  , and i am still waiting.

Hi guys

I need advise where to place dipole speakers in my tight space.

I have them  connected using coax digital lead.Av input cd and digital socet 2,cd player set to digital on.No sound ,any ideas?

All the gear is in my signature.



I am looking around for the cheapest  :grin: bluray with multichannel outs . Just wondering whether it's worth to buy one of those players or just upgrade my av ( arcam avr100 ) .


Considering most of us on this forum are aiming for sound quality , I have noticed that people on here are buying ipods mp3 players.

I need to connect my tv and bluray to Arcam AVR100 and its not as easy as with my previous amp ( in signature and still have if i won't get on with arcam ).



I have had this amp since new and have never used power amp on it , but i recall when checking power amp button last time it lit up red .