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Only just noticed a mains hum on my MS sub. Set to 65% and hum is only noticeable in quiet pieces. Silenced at around 40-50% - mains & signal cables neatened by joining with cable ties.

Looking forward to seeeing DIY efforts to make/adapt Atmos speakers. Not ordered an Atmos receiver yet but what about software? How long before sufficient bd's?

Currys website offered a free tablet with a washing machine purchase available till end October. Next day, the appliance purchased, the offer disappeard.

I have an original Nexus 7. Been great till recently battery takes forever to charge. Google suggests new charger and cables and switch cleaner. I dont fancy surgery.

I will keep this post short by asking if you might please check the rating plate. (environment temperature rating)

Just interested. Often quoted that systems 'come alive' at higher volumes. Is it speakers or amps responsible? Does it apply to AV as well as 2ch?

Looking for some scientific explaination maybe?

Believe  Smile

I would REALLY appreciate a little detective work.Long story to be explained if anyone can help.

Pleased.still.after.a.few years.with my Panny but always had the 'candle.rings' issue. What IS the name of this aberation?