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Hi Guys. 

My Cat recently damaged both Mid drivers on my monitor audio Br5's  she made holes in the drivers...

I Consider myself very lucky, My wife has a passion for HI-FI also.

HI Guys


Need your help im big hi-fi nut have been on hi-fi forum for years never on AV...


Hi Guys Do you think as technology moves on and parts and manufacturing cost fall do we get better sounding kit for less


Hi Guys   I dont want to start a debate with them who believe and them who dont.  Im thinking of upgrading my ARCAM CD 73 with a TRICHORD CLOCK 4 UPGRADE


would like you thoughts on the future of music and cd guys.

Anyone have any views on the future of C.D. I remember when i was young we listened to the charts on sunday, recorded the track we liked, but then went out to buy then....