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Hi....Just wondering if anyone has done a comparison between an Arcam AVR350 and the new AVR360? Would it be a noticable upgrade...

Just wondering what the best way to connect a sonos zp90 to my Arcam AVR350, digital or analogue? Any thoughts greatly appreciated. 

Ok then, it's obvious from these forums that there is a difference of opion regarding sub+sat systems against conventional speakers where home cinema is concerned!

Can anyone help with this??

I prefer to listen to music in stereo and movies obviously in surround sound set up as below:-


Hi, I currently have an Arcam AVR350 which doesn't decode the latest HD Audio formats. If I added a blu-ray player with on board decoding and kept my current 5.1 speaker set up...

B&W CM7 mains, B&W CM Centre, B&W FPM2 rears, Sunfire HRS-8 sub


I am looking for full size (over ear) headphones for my iPhone, plenty of choice but not sure which models the iPhone can drive, thinking of Monster Beats Studio......Any suggestions?

I shall shortly be going on holiday and am looking for some portable / travel speakers to take with me for my iPod. I haven't set a budget but obviously want decent sound quality.

I have recently purchased the Arcam Solo Moview 2.1 with Monitor Audio GS10 speakers on Partington Super Dread stands, with QED Silver Biwire cable