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Like many others, I would like to create a multiroom music system.

I hope someone can help - I am looking to replace my Onkyo TX-SR606 amp, which I think is on its way out.

I know I'm not a regular poster (just a regular lurker!), but I was listening to one of my favourite albums this evening - From Fresh Water by Stan Rogers - and it got me thinking which other singe

I have just acquired my father's old turntable - a Technics SL-120 with a SME 3009 S2 'improved' tone arm, and I want to make sure I'm getting the best from it.

If anyone is looking to get the iphone 4S, Vodafone have an offer on where you can get £59 cashback if you preorder.

I use my Iphone 3GS to listen to my music on the move (and around the house quite often too).

Hope someone can help - my sister is moving out to Oz in the next few months, and she wants to get most of her gadgets here before she goes (apparently they're more expensive out there).

Just thought I'd post my experiences for anyone else strugging to get a wifi signal.

Which should I go for? I can get the Shure's for around £40 (slightly damaged box, apparently). Would they be worth the extra? I already have a pair of CX300s - just want to have an extra pair.