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  Just got this today. A fantastic album anyway, but the vinyl sounds absolutely awesome (to me). Even with my modest system, its like having the band in the room. Way way better than the version ...

U2 - The Joshua Tree...

I had exactly the same problem recently when playing Sgt. Peppers, had to re-align the cartridge so that it was slightly offset. I also had to increase the tracking force slightly. But now all...

 it could do yeah  Always like to run a bead of glue or silicon on flat pack stuff. Especially after you see the other ikea disaster on here!

Another Expedit convert!! Excellent value for how sturdy it is. Especially now its silicon sealed :grin:   

Just been having a scout around the internet. Cant find Violator on the 180g re-issues. Any links to where I can get them from?  

I'd love a copy of Violator on vinyl. One of my favourite albums of all time, and always sounded fantastic on CD.  

An original copy that the wife picked up for me for Christmas.    Still one of the best albums of all time, and this particular example, plays like its new