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Hi! I need some advice on speakers to partner with Primare's SPA 22 HD.

What would be best and drive the RX8s, a Primare SPA22 HD or the Rotel RSX-1562 ?

Hello. I have a Marantz SR7005 and im considering to change my old B&W speakers. Im aiming towards B&W CM8 or Monitor Audio RX8. Any advices or experience partnering this receiver ?

I had a very good deal recently with this Marantz amp and i m very happy with it, specially with music, which was my original goal. Now i need to upgrade my front speakers aswell.

I have a pair of B&W DM305 and a NAD T743 AV receiver and i'm thinking on upgrading to the new Onkyo TX-NR809 or Pioneer VSX-LX 55.