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I would need some recommendations for best speakers to get with my current setup, which is the amplifier Pioneer A-70, CD-player Pioneer PD-50, and turntable Rega P3-24.

I will appreciate any reviews on this headphone amp, Vincent KHV-111 MkII. I can't find any anywhere so hopefully I can get some direct customers reviewing it.


These last couple of days I've been preoccupied with a headphone amp-issue, which by the way is something that has never been on my mind before.

Does anyone have any experience with the cassette deck, NAD 6325? Tell me what you think, please, as far as sound and reliability.

My recent addition has been the cables that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Also I had my CD-player in for repair. The speakers might be unknown to most of you but they are amazing in fact. 

I have been wondering about dust in amplifiers, in mine in particular, which is the NAD C320BEE. Sorry to say I've never taken off the top to look inside it.

Don't know what to do, since my NAD C521BEE stopped working last week. I've had it approximately 6 years although I don't know exactly at the moment.