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Have had these earphones for 2 days and each time i listen my smile just gets bigger.

I bought them from

Right on to the review.

Fantastic pair of Alessandro ms2i for sale  on ebay - seems a bargain :)they are £300,00 new.

Hi I currently own Naim setup with B&W 705 standmount speakers.

The cd player is cd5x, pre 122x and nap 150x


Now I have come into some money so am able to upgrade.

Hi I am about to pull the trigger and buy a headphone amplifier to be fitted into my Naim setup.

I am currently looking to the Fiio E09K. How would i connect this to my Nac 122x??

Hi I am looking at getting a new hifi setup.

One brand I have heard good things about is Sonneteer as they are known to be high end at "low prices"



Im having an upgrade of my speakers - question is what do you think i should demo.

Hey everyone

I am looking into the idea of selling my Naim & B&W setup and going to a paif of active monitors into either a pc or streamer as I fear the cd is close to death.

Hi guys


I have a bout of upgraditis due and am thinking of upgrading my Naim CD5X ro the next level,

What is the best bang for your buck cd player under 2 grand.


Hi Everyone

I just bought a Bose Companion 3 Multimedia set for my pc.

I have also got a sound blasterx-fi HD