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have any if you checked out the offerings from the brand new British based Ultimate Subwoofer Co?

Incredible subs for fantastic money.  

If you had aprox £2.5k for a sub what would you buy?

Well my 500 has started making popping noises through the speakers every so often when changing channels so I have had enough. It is going back to Peter Tyson on Tuesday.

Hi all, I want to upgrade my speaker cables for my front 3 MA Apex speakers. 2 x A10 and 1 x A40. I am looking for a highly musical and deatiled cable.

Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to move my iTunes library from my MacBook to my Qnap NAS?

Hi all,

As i am new to all this computer based music streaming i need some advice on a wireless router.

Our present router is a Netgear DG834PN about 5 years old.

Hi all,
Many thanks to those of you who have given advice on my missing album art on my Sonos system.
Still none the wiser though!!

Hi all I had posted similar on computer based music thread but feel it is more appropriate here.

Hi all,
Which would give me better SQ?
Music ripped to Apple lossless stored on a NAS streamed via a Sonus ZP 90 using Arcam AVR 500 dac's

Hi, Do any of you guys know of an app that will auto detect my home wifi switching on the iPhones wifi and then when away from range will turn it off thus saving battery?