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As i promised, i will write about this speaker, as i am listening more and more to it, for the coming weeks, might be months. It depends on your posts too

Does anybody have the original cd ? My iTunes songs distort when the voice goes to full volume. There is no fault in DAC or other part of the soundchain.

Can anyone tell me if the DIGITAL output of an Airport Express is also REMOTE(app)-ly controlled, considering volume ?

Can anyone having listeningexperience with the new KEF R-series or LS-50, combined with tube-amp leave some report here ?! I would be very interested.

Last few weeks i am aware of overblown "whites" on the tv. I did not look too often to the tv, so i think it was there from the start.

I just bought my 1st Blueray-movie ("Once upon a time in the West"). When i am playing it, i have a black space above and below the movie, like it is cinemascope or panoramic view.

My tv (1 week) has started to buzz louder than before, it seems. At least i notice since 2 days.

I tried a Devolo Vianect Air but could not get an image on the tv, although the computer showed a Panasonic tv as second monitor.

Can anyone tell me how i connect my t.v. to the internet through Apple Airport Express ? Is that possible and how is it done ? So far my t.v. does not "see" (the wifi of) the Airport Express.

Well , now i am ready for a plasma-tv. I looked around and found plasma much finer to the eye and much more "quiet" image especially on bigger screens. But which one ?