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Hello, our Logitech harmony 700 has died and we need to find a replacement.  I have talked to Logitech and they have cofirmed that they have discontinued their remotes business in EMEA.  I would ap

Hello, I am looking for best way to use Spotify with my current receiver Onkyo 818. The built in application is very limited and it requires a premium account.

Last Thursday I have followed the recommendation from Synology and installed the update 2.  Once the instalation finished the unit was unable to re-boot and showed a blue light flashing.  It is com

Hello, currently I have my Synology NAS connected to my Onkyo receiver via ethernet and the quality is not very good.

Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I would like to purchase a cable to connect it to my receiver/TV.

Last Friday I was looking for a tab and ended up with a Windows Surface RT (64GB).

The purpose of this thread is to share my experience with both Yamaha Aventage A2010 and Onkyo 818, also discuss about the various configuration possibilities of Onkyo 818.  I had

Hello, I wonder if anybody can help me.  Since I have changed house I can no longer fit the projector screen size to the screen.  The only way I have found is by changing the projector display to 4

So, after a few days reading manuals and transferring data finally I have completed the set-up of my new Synology DS112J.  It is attached to my PS3 for playing movies and to my AV

Hello, I am still working on the NAS project for my network. I have almost 99% setted on Synology DS112J.