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The complaints and observations about the WHF website have recently been expressed on various forum subjects giving the staff at WHF little chance of keeping up with peoples problems, to then know

I must be missing something here.  Why, in the top [red] navigation bar, is there a 'Best Buys' tab and an 'Awards' tab?

After some respite from the 'STUFF PROMOTION' blocking pop-up, it is back with a vengeance.  



What's with this recent full screen pop-up?  It repeatedly blocks you from the seeing the content you came on the site for.  

I checked 'My Account' earlier and found that I joined WHF on Friday 1st January 2012, some 45 weeks and 6 days ago????????????????

Looking for help with iPad Mini worries.

I streamed a BBC iPlayer programme to ATV and TV yesterday and all the time, an hour, there was a static picture displayed on the iPad screen.  

As the title.  It is not possible, for me at least, to access the 'News' section of the website from without or within.

My favourite Blog has disappeared again, 'The Week in HD'.     :?

No offence, but if it is going to be an 'as and when' feature, is it worth continuing?

As per the headline.  I have caught a few programmes due to this handy blog, even if it's not always 100% accurate.

Hope it's not been dropped.   :O

My wife recently purchased an OXX Tube from the OXX UK website, direct.