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I have been using Opera as my search engine for some time after getting fed up with Google Chrome constantly 'not responding' but now Opera is doing the same fairly regularly.

I am in the market for a new TV to replace my main Panasonic TX-32LZ80L LCD (which will be relocated to the bedroom) I have my sights on a larger set, ideally around 50" and have a shortlist of a c

Should be a simple enough question for the more technically proficient members out there...


Top Ten Song Intro’s

I have recently been intoroduced to some chinese websites that have amazing deals on electronic equipment, from ipads to tvs, but am I right to be sceptical and nervous as the prices 9inc delivery

My daughter has posted a couple of cover versions on youtube which I think are brilliant, but it is clear to me that she needs some help getting her recording to sound as good as it could.

My question is simple, and as per the any plasma TV's come with a VGA input to connect a PC monitor cable so it can be connected directly to a PC as a secondary monitor (like we do with

I know there is a lot of discussion about stands etc and I have no doubt that they can bring huge benefits to the sound quality of stand-mount speakers, but what is the consensus on wall mounted br

I know there are alot of PG fans on this forum and just got this notification through for those interested...think it relates to the North American leg of the tour...


As a devastated Arsenal fan, it has to be time to ask questions about the philosophy behind Wenger's approach to the game; all style no substance could not be more utterly appropriate following the