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Hi, I'd like to close my account here please.  I don't seem to have an option on the Settings page to delete it.  Could someone organise this and let me know by email that it's been done please?

I'm currently, as per the signature line below, using a pair of Tannoy DC4 speakers, mainly through necessity as my listening position in my room is across the width about six feet away from me, as

I've been in the fortunate position, thanks to a combination of good timing and some kind of longevity with hifi, of having three of the best CD players of the last 20 years, plus a current univers

A few months ago, I noticed a pair of speakers on Richer Sounds site; Pioneer S-71B standmounts.  £750.  Smart looking, concentric driver speakers.

Just a quickie, but does anyone else out there have this player?  I picked this up last week but in that time have noticed that while the performance is excellent, it's a damn fussy disc player. get a tingly moment.

Well, one of these anyway:-



Pretty much as it says, the main interest being Pioneer's well respected BS22 speaker: $130 in the US.  Not sure if it's out in the UK.  See below:-


Chuffed to bits.  Saw a local ad offering an Arcam Alpha 6 CD player for peanuts (and way less than they're going for on Ebay currently) and the bloke lived up the road from me.

Steve-1979... you might be interested in attending this if you're near York...