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Just ordered this released yesterday-not a bad price.T

So the Ready Nas Duo is knackered.Will not react to factory reset and intermittently states corrupt root so I think it is time to go another route.

Full story- Switching to BT and getting a youview box for £1 a month more than currently with Virgin .Going to buy  a bd player tomorrow and want to know the differences.Specs on the panny website

The reception/signal currently coming down the TV aerial to feed the Dab isn't really good enough. Get great reception on a Roberts solar if we put that in the same room..

Here are the rules:

One  forumite chooses a disputed topic

THe WHF staff and mods(herein known as" the stooges") are lined up against a wall.

Try the tape recorder as well.

Anybody got any experience of these.They are in the VIP sale at Easter and wondered whether anyone has used one/had good or bad experience of one or are they  a waste of time/money.

Can anybody recommend/has anybody used a trustworthy supplier of spares for the touch.I need to repair my son's headphone jack.