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Ifi Audio are asking what features people want for their next DAC. Basically you suggest a bunch of features and if that design gets chosen you're in with a chance of getting a free one.

I've had a couple of months to play with this awesome machine now, even got a chance to try some balanced headphones on it. Here's a link to explain a little more:

This is my first headphone review in a while. I got to play with this one all over Christmas so I've been a happy bunny. See here for my full thoughts:

I am always recommending people to actually go out and try headphones before buying. This is coming from someone who writes reviews.

Although it's not mega new, I recently got my hands on SoundMAGIC's first wireless full-size headphone - the WP10. Here are my thoughts on it:

I've been really impressed by this little machine. It's DAC connects to Windows, OS-X, Linux, IOS and Android and it can run off of battery power for an impressive 40 hours!

I went to the London Head-Fi meet up yesterday in central London.

Here are my thoughts on the Hifiman HE-500. A few people have been asking for this one on my blog, so it seems like a popular one.

Hey Guys, I have written up a bunch of thought, let's call it a review, of the Ifi iDAC. A nice little(ish) machine, hampered by only a few small details.

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a nice bank holiday weekend Smile