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Just to let you know, Im not going to hype anything and just give you the whole experience with the bad too. So I am ever unsatisfied with anything audio thats modern or recent.

The ear will tune in to a speaker over time. Thats why you ear a big difference when you change a component.

I am very amazed at how critics downplayed the debut Sohn Album Tremors. Pitchfork gave it a 5 and said its boring?

Sorry but I read many reviews here and im still puzzled about "fun" speakers. Many reviews use words like fun, musical, exciting and Im always left in doubts.

Ive had an interesting price for Tannoy Precion 6.2 and wnated to know how it would go along with my Nad 275bee ? Did anyone tried this Tannoy NAD pairing ?


Hi, Id like to know who still makes good bookshelf with larger woofers nowadays. 


I think I could just spec my needs and ask you people some advices but somehow I wanted to make a little story too. Might be long but please check it out. Also forgive my imperfect english.