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Come on guys get your act together there have been 5 Facebook posti in about 15 minutes this morning  spread them out a bit no more than 1 a day preferably.

Can anyone else see Hunger Games as avaliable to rent on Love Film?

I have Lost me Beloved Shures at an airport, not 100% but I think they were E3c?

Ant chance of keeping the number of posts down on Facebook, once a day is enough I think, I got 3 2 minutes apart yesturday and 2 in close succesion today, it is too much, I dont want to have to Bl

Anyone know of a Remote Control app that will controll an apple TV and iTunes, a bit like the Apple version interested in music browsing and playback.

Following On from the WHF Article about streaming your Movies, I am in the process of Backing up my Movies or at least the ones i might want to watch again.

Anyone have freest that can tell me what is currently being broadcast in HD, was hoping C5 was on there but the freest web page does not list it, anyone confirm it.

I am on the lookout for a reasonably priced stereo receiver for the dining room, I have a set of B&W 603 s2 in there currently being driven temporarily by a Dennon DM30, I want to replace it w

Like to thank David and Kevin from FH, I have spent the last 6 months demoing kit the guys have been fantastically helpful with me choosing new kit, they always had time for my questions and never