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Was hoping for a bit more feedback please. Will keep replying to my own post just to get it seen in latest posts ! Hopefully someone can give me some input please. Anyone ?  

Anyone care to comment please ?   I know Hi-FiOutlaw is online, would be great if you saw this as you seem very knowledgeable in this area.  

Hey Gel, I was. Looking for the post that someone had written on the cheap deal for Xbox live subscription - where can I find it please ? Can you help ?

Yup - Im with you Gel....

Yup - right one. If you google it you will find one cheaper (but not by much).

eggontoast wrote: ...

I had an Airport Express which was great, however do not discount an Apple TV which you can pick up for roughly the same price and get all the added functions chucked into the hat....

Anyone know where daveh75 has gone ?