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Hi all,


I want to buy a Nas and the one that keeps drawing me too it is the Qnap 212P.

Ok - apologies - another virgin iPad owner question then I promise I will stop posting !

Hi, having recently bought an iPad 4 and having young children, I want to protect it.


Quick question about my new A grade bought from CEX iPad 4 64gb please. Very pleased with it considering I bought it with vouchers from selling things over the last couple of years.


I have had a letter and email (good communication I suppose) from Sky saying that their may be an issue with my relatively new Sky +HD 2TB box (latest up to date box).

Hi all,

I have meddled with my Sony Vaio VGN-AW11Z laptop's Blu Ray player drive software.

Just watched todays Apple Event live on my Apple TV.


Quick bit of advice please.

Just bought Apple TV 3.

I have a Panasonic GT30 42" tv which I am presently plugging the ATV 3 directly into via HDMI3 input.

Quick question.

In the market for a new Blu Ray player, Spotify user and was wondering if any of the present batch of players have Spotify built in to them ?