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I need to change the battery on my Sony NWZ-S739F and NWZ-A845 MP3 players.  I bought them to drown out the noise when on public transport and some colleagues eating at work.  In the past I could g

I  offered to help my next door neigbour with his Panasonic TX-L32E3B TV.  He keeps getting the following message...

This sounds intriguing, a magic or should I say ‘Atomic’ box of tricks and treats which amongst other wizardry convert your LPs to a high quality digital stream.

Some of the very worst loudspeakers I ever heard at a Hi-Fi show.
Allegedly made in the UK... 

I could be getting free gratis an MJ Ref 1 MKII subwoofer.  It has been repaired once and as far as I know only the main reservoir capacitors in the main power supply have been rep

I currently own a Pioneer BDP-LX70 (original version) Blu-Ray player.