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Hi everyone! Iam looking to buy headphones for home use, hopefully under £200. I will be playing apple lossless files mainly from my mac mini. I will eventually be investing in a usb dac aswell.

Hi all!

I've been thinking of selling my grado 225is & buying the new B&W p3. I want the B&W p3 because theyre more portable than my grados

Hi all I ordered the Sony BD-VE 370 5.1 cinema package. I've now realised on closer reading it has only one hdmi input.

Do i need an amp for grado 325i or not? If yes what would you recommend?
Thanks in advance Oli

Hi all iam looking to buy new headphones + a good companion amp. I will be using my iphone to play music. I listen to mainly rock but i dabble in all genres.