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I have debated about changing my NAD320BEE.

I have looked on eBay for secondhand buys.

As per my other thread, I purchased a Atlas Element. 

Here is my budget setup, I have had the 685s for 6 years almost and the NAD for 4years.

Over the last week I bought the I20 dock/DAC and this week the Atlas interconnector.

A quick update of events.

Last week I bought a Pure i20 dock/DAC for my iPod and started using FLAC files converted to AIFF, I was using a Cambridge Audio i50 dock only.

Looking at buying a new RCA cable.

I have been looking at the Chord Crimson VEE3 and the Litz solid silver.

Can anybody give any feedback?



My Pure i20 dock came, it has the built in DAC. 

The volume can be adjusted via the control, which I thought was strange but seems to be the norm for the i20.


After looking at buying a better iPod, I have started to look at a separate DAC.

I don't want to spend anymore than £100.


Quick brief, currently using an ipod touch 2nd generation via a Cambridge Audio ID50 dock  I have been doing some reading and the ipod 5th generation is the best sounding.


I can say I am not to clued up on Andriod so.....