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This film bombed at the box office, yet this is IMHO one of the greatest films ever made. The script, story and actors are all superb, shocking in a Schindler's List style.

They're remaking the comedy.

I take it you've sold the Leema. Any closer to finding new speakers?

With the festive period coming up and a birthday, I'm thinking about another camera (had one a couple of years ago and sold it due to lack of use).

These people take the rise. My insurance is due tomorrow and the premium has gone up by £80, which sounds a bit steep.

The mob have gone out for the day. This is the first time in gawd knows how long I've listened to my amp without background noise i.e.

For those not familiar with the programme: Originally a radio format from the 50s, it was quickly adapted for TV in the States and then to the UK.

My Epson DX8450 has clapped out. Need it for work (invoices, letters etc etc) and home use (my daughter's school projects, scripts etc etc) , so I'm looking at inkjet rather than laser.

Dug out their first album 'The Crossing'. Good to hear music/artist you haven't played for yonks.