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Earlier today I ordered a Electrocompaniet PC-1 CD player. Yet again, another component ordered on a whim. It was around this time last year I purchased PMCs without a dem -- and got away with it.

Here's question for you Electro fans: Is it worth trying this CDP over the Naim CD5i? The original retail price, FWIW, would suggest it should be better, but... 

Amplifiers, CD players, speakers, phono boxes, cables. Any questions, news updates and views welcome.

Diolch yn fawr

When Royal Air Force Association (R.A.F.A.) contacted me and gave permission for me to march with the veterans at the cenotaph in London, I was bowled over.

...(no, haven't changed any of my kit).

....they are as rare as hens teeth.

Complete numpty. I sliced my finger cooking dinner. Luckily they haven't stitched it but used a glue.

This film bombed at the box office, yet this is IMHO one of the greatest films ever made. The script, story and actors are all superb, shocking in a Schindler's List style.

They're remaking the comedy.