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My Epson DX8450 has clapped out. Need it for work (invoices, letters etc etc) and home use (my daughter's school projects, scripts etc etc) , so I'm looking at inkjet rather than laser.

Dug out their first album 'The Crossing'. Good to hear music/artist you haven't played for yonks.

Friday afternoon turned out to be testing. My daughter, who was playing with other children outside, came in crying and holding her hand. She had an accidental contretemp with a leather football.

I've been offered a chance of restoring a Triumph Vitesse 1600. It hasn't been started or moved for the last year or so. Had a quick prod and look over the car (this isn't from a dealer, but Mrs.

Just been out to get a vacuum cleaner. Our old Vax cylinder jobbie became so frustrating, the filter and intakes kept clogging. Wouldn't mind but only had it just over a year.

... to read about posters enjoying their systems (CD player and CDs, new amps, Nago carts etc. etc.), certainly makes a change from the usual plethora of disgruntled ones.

The EU are putting a (power) cap on vacuum cleaners and apparently lawn mowers. Now they're going to nobble the power of the humble kettle.

Having a late lunch so won't be set-up until later. Certainly shop dem the picture looked pukka, and it supports DVD-R & RW. can't wait but work beckons.