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I currently have a set of b&w 685 s1 and I'm after another set of decent sized standmounters. I've never heard pmc speakers before, the question is are they a step above the 685.

Neil young on the beach from spotify premium sounds so good.

My current amp is an Audiolab 8200p which is single wired to B&W 685 with chord roumor 2. I have a Rotel ra 12 in another system with Qed silver anniversary xt biwire.

My system so far is

Marantz CD 6004


Rotel RA12

B&W 685

Getting an Audiolab 8200p tomorrow and just looking for thoughts on the MDAC 8200p combo.

My first album was Madness One step beyond played on a ferguson record player round about christmas 1979.