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As You can see from the title. there are alot of amps im considering.
All within the same price range.
My current setup up is with NAD C355BEE as my signature below indicates.

Im discussing the compnent that does so much and is top for buck.... Audiolab MDAC.

I have just spotted acer iconia w500 tablet pc (running win 7 or Dirol for sale around 25

I've recently purchased a Panasonic BDP220 Blue Ray Player, part of the attraction being the machine's ability to play Flac files via the USB input.

Any experiences using bit perfect FLAC,ALAC,... uncompressed music files to a hifi DAC. Is it possible? Which files or programs can be used?

Title says it all.
Has anyone done a rigouress test of these two highly rated analogue interconnects.

I am currently have two amplifiers: Nad C355BEE, Cyrus 8.

I listen to complex music and require imaging,detail and soundstage.
And hence, I prefer the Nad for this.

I wish to know if there are significant differences between the QED Performance 2 1m and Chor Crimsonplus 1m (both normal and VEE connections).

Ive been searching the net for second hand NAD amps, and there are alot of bargains out there.
I picked up the NAD C355BEE for around £230.

I was wondering if people could contribute websites where you can but 2nd hand hifi equipment (apart from ebay)
Long list to follow................