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Pjotter wrote: ...

Why doesn't the speaker manufacturer help us out? In this case answering the question: What would be the minimum requirements/specs of an amp in order to enjoy your investment in the LS50's to a...

7 by 4,5 meters. Mainly jazz and jazzrock.

Would my PM6005 be to light to drive the KEF LS50's? If so are there competitors with a lower pricetag which would match my amp in the same way or even better? Thanks for your suggestions.

RobinKidderminster wrote: ...

What would be the best choice of speakers, Mordaunt Short Avant 902i or Dali Zensor 1, to be combined with either: 1. the Marantz CR610 receiver or 2. the Marantz PM6005 amp.   Thanx!