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My 2.5 year old Marantz PM6004 is dead....well needs a new microprocessor board at £150.

Anyone heard the CD5005 yet?

With same DAC and tray mechanism as the 6005,  I assume it's a similar sounding machine but without the ipod usb socket? 

Got the legendary Marantz cd63 ki at the moment, but fancy a change.

As the title suggests, I'm looking for a new tablet to replace my Nook hd+. 

I would like a 8"+ screen if possible, as my current one is 9", and a tablet using the Android platform. 

I have the Marantz CD63 KI cd player at present, but wondered how the modern cd players would stack up to it?

The above blu ray player is £50 in the Curry's sale....... Bargain! :O

Not much to be found on the Internet about these speakers,  as the Q300's took the limelight at the time.

Just got some Kef Q100's to replace my Q500's at the front of my system.

This is probably a silly question but when you have a stereo amp connected to the pre outputs of an av receiver do the crossovers that are set in the receiver apply to the signal the stereo amp is

Can find these receivers for similar money, but which would be the best upgrade from my Denon AVR2310/Marantz PM6004 for mainly TV/home cinema and the occasional 2 channel stereo listening?