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No worries, thanks anyway.

I'm aware of Clubcard Boost, I'm a big fan! I should have been more specific, I was looking for a link for the staff only deals described in the initial post?

I don't suppose you have a link, I never heard about this?

snooze you loose.  This offer has now expired.

  Yeah, I saw this link back when you posted it, also noticed the same drop on Amazon.co.uk, but it is back to £399 again now.

Thank you for all your comments!...

BenLaw wrote: Do you already have speakers in all the rooms?   yeah, the speakers are up and speaker wires ran back to the central media cupboard. 

The_Lhc wrote: Curious to know why you think you need Connects in every room, do you have existing hi-fis in all of those rooms? If not, Play:1s would be much cheaper....