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Hi all just a quick one, was just going to purchase some cracking Blu-rays, but it has been a long time since buying imports, last ones were Play-USA anyway this site has been around a while but ne

Well received my new amp monday Dance 4 :cheer: worked a couple of nights so not much

Well at last I have just bought a new Amp for my system Dance 4  I have gone for the Pi

Thought I would tell you about a cleaner for screens I bought its called [Real Cable, clean & care] I have used many a product but never really been that impressed but this product is very good

Is it me...on certain threads or most there appears a high lighted word, can be any word [in blue] if you scroll over it, or click on it thinking it will take you to some thing conected to the thre

These might be of interest to any one wanting to get these they are free, just register and save the image you want, by registering, the images are a higher quality, but even if you do not register

For any one interested these items are going for silly money all are genuine and new.

Here is the contact Email for further info.

Hi All

Just wanting to know if there are any owners of the above pioneer, I will dem but just wanted personal thoughts