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Is the Samsung UE50H6400 the same as the UE48H6400 but just larger?

I bought one of these boxes from ebay the other day, saving about £100 from retail and avoiding any BT/Talk Talk contract. Thought I would share our experience.

Just perusing the site and looking at prices I found that Richer sounds have this Sony TV listed with and without a 'B' on the end. What is the difference?

Very happy with our setup at present.

We have AE Evo2's along the front and QAcoustics 2010i's at the rear with BK Gemini Mk2 sub, which we rarely use.

I wasn't sure where else to send this.

Holding off on making a purchace until I've seen this. I'm sure I read in one of your amp reviews that this was to go into the next issue. Was I wrong?




As the title suggests, we are back to listening to TV speakers for a while -  not cool.

I would like to find a good replacement for the amp but am unsure what.


Here is a question, I have no idea how to solve it.. Where to put the TV and speakers?


Without wall mounting the TV, which is 46", not the one shown here.

I have a large wooden cabinet with my 46" TV on the top. I also have 3 AE speakers on there and wish to have the centre under the TV.