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These would be on SN2 + hicap Dr.

I have a room 3.5m x 5m and listen to a range of classical, rock, dance...a wide range of music. These will be powered via a nait xs.

Not much info on web, curious how they perform?

Tonight i was somwhat astounded at the difference my analogue cables make to my system.

Simple question - I have a nait xs. Do i add:

1 2nd hand flatcap 2x 350 quid

2 Teddycap

3 Forget it buy some real benefits.


I have been offered a k2 power amp for 300 to go with my k2 amp and radiance 3's.


has anbody tried this yet? Are there any benefits over the sonos dac? i currently stream most of my music via spotify -  would this bring me any benefits?

This weekend I am in the market for a hifi setup for my lounge.


I am new to this and am after some advice.