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Talking of resolution, I have a problem when connecting my laptop to our television (32"). We get the picture, but after a minute or so, it goes blank and says, "PC not synced to TV".

Theres a refurbished Marantz CD 10 for sale on ebay for about £375 at present.

How much did the CD10 cost when new? And how would it fare against a modern £400 CD player??

I enjoyed this interview with Ken Ishiwata,from this Saturday's (June16th 2012 Telegraph)

I don't know about you but it makes me feel very old-were has all the time gone!)


Forget Discs And Get Into The Cube!

Just came across this article in the September 1991 issue page 6.

You know the albums I mean-the drums sound like someone hitting a biscuit tin covered with  a tea cosy-The bass- muffled muddy, indistinct.Vocals hazy & garbled.

I thought we had a fairly good Technics Hi -Fi In the early 1980's.

Then my brother brought home his bosses newfangled cd player and a handfull of CD's.

Looking for an entry level DVD player to play films through usb input using a memory stick.

Which machines currently available are best for this.

Yes what made you become an audiophile??

(A person with an interest in high fidelity sound reproduction and its associated technology.)


Yes,remember when cd albums were very very expensive.....whats the most you ever paid for a single or double album??